Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review | Zara 'Femme' Perfume

Zara Femme - 15mL - $12.95 AUD

A few weeks ago I added the Zara 'Femme' perfume to my ever growing collection. Lets be honest, I don't really need more, but the Zara fragrances come in a range of sizes that are reasonably priced, so I decided to pick up a 15mL bottle for just $12.95 AUD. Not to mention it's called FEMME, how could I not buy it!?

Top notes: bergamot, middle notes: orchid and peony, base notes: vanila, sandalwood and musk. (source)

I would describe it as a warm and floral evening scent, probably the most mature smelling fragrance I own. As an eau de toilette spray, the lasting power is average so I find myself touchiung up during the day. This doesn't really bother me since I do it with my eau de parfums anyway, plus the 15mL bottle is purse size friendly! The bottle design for the smaller sizes is very sleek and simple, but the full size has a beautiful floral design with a wooden lid.

Overall I love this perfume, have you tried any fragrances by Zara?


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