Monday, May 20, 2013

Winter Beauty Essentials

With winter just around the corner I thought I would do a post sharing my beauty essentials for the coming colder months!

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm
Cleansing balms have been getting a lot of attention over the past year and are definitely worth the hype. Not only do they melt into the skin and help break down makeup for cleansing, but they leave your face feeling so soft and smooth after! This Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm contains no mineral oil, sulphates or parabens and is suitable for all skin types.

Models Prefer Thirst Stop! Mask
I've never really been a fan of face masks until I gave this product a try. Unlike typical masks that dry and tighten on application (often leaving my skin feeling uncomfortable and tight after), this calming mask smooths onto the skin in a thin cream consistency and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Pomegranate extracts also help regulate hydration and retain moisture to the skin, exactly what I'm after in the cold weather.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base
I love using this illuminating primer under my foundation when the cold weather has left my skin looking dull and pale. It's not glittery or too shimmery, just gives the perfect healthy glow to your makeup (if you have oily skin I would avoid using it on the t-zone though!).

Palmers Moisturizing Body Oil
Body Oils are a great way to instantly smooth and moisturise the skin, and this Palmers body oil is a long time favourite. It's not too thick in consistency, fast absorbing and inexpensive. My legs are prone to dry patches which can often lead to irritation when shaving, but applying a thin layer of this oil before hand helps give a smoother shave, life saver!

Carmex Lip Balm
After 8 months on accutane, I've experienced the worst when it comes to dry lips. I always carry a tube of carmex around, but if you're experiencing extreme dryness, try applying Blixtex Intensive Repair Balm first and layering the Carmex over - my winning combination!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
As the weather gets colder I recommend trying to switch over to a more moisturising and radiant foundation. Healthy Mix Serum applies on the skin smoothly and doesn't look too shiny or too matte, just a beautiful natural finish. Note - If you have combo-oily skin you will need to powder to control shine and increase lasting power, as it can fade a bit during the day.

REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate
To exfoliate I always reach for chemical exfolliants as they are able to clear and smooth without having to scrub, scratch or irritate the skin. I love this product by REN as it uses natural fruit acids which are gentle on the skin and leave my skin with a brighter and smoother texture, perfect to get rid of all that flaky skin build up from the cool weather.

BENEFIT Total Moisture Facial Cream
My holy grail moisturiser for dry and dehydrated skin! This Benefit cream is a thick consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth. For best results I apply a facial serum first and then layer this cream over.

NIVEA Q10 Hand Cream
I always carry a tube of hand cream in my handbag as my hands are always dry as the weather gets colder. This hand cream by Nivea is a light consistency and fast absorbing, great for applying on the go.

What are your favourite cold weather beauty essentials?



  1. Just wondering where in Australia you purchased your Emma Hardie cleansing balm?

    1. I bought it online from :) x

  2. I've just bought the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, I am eager to see how it compares to my favourite cleansing balm (Eve Lom Cleanser). I also love the Bourjois foundation and that hand cream!

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  4. Where do you buy your Emma Hardie from??

  5. I had real issues with the models prefer face mask and recommend everyone tests it on their hand before using on their face. I had a terrible reaction to this product, and my face NEVER reacts badly to anything. the product states to leave on for 10-15 minutes but after 4ish minutes I literally felt like my face was on fire. I removed the mask as instructed using cold water only to my horror to discover the mask had burnt my skin. I had big red burn marks all over my face exactly where the mask had been (i could tell it was from the mask as the areas around my eyes etc, were all normal and fine) my dad is a firefighter and has medical training and agreed that the burns looked very similar to chemical burns. You really need to check this product before using it!!