Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tag | 10 Products I Would Repurchase

This tag has been going around youtube quite a bit, basically showing which makeup products you would buy if all your collection was stolen. Firstly, if someone stole my makeup, I would hunt them down and steal it all back. Ok slight exaggeration, but let's just say my products did somehow go missing, these are the 10 things I would repurchase first.

Too Faced Palette 'Natural Eye'
This palette has the perfect combination of matte and shimmery neutral shades. As you can see, I've hit pan on two shadows (I can't live without a matte highlight!).

Urban Decay Palette 'Naked'
As mentioned before, I can't live without a matte highlight. For some reason, shimmer in the inner corner is never flattering on my eyes for a daily makeup look. Whenever people ask me if I prefer Naked1 or Naked2 I can never choose as the first has my go to smoky shades, but Naked2 has the light matte highlight! Since I've included the Too Faced palette which contains mattes, I've decided to go with Naked1 for this tag.

MAC Chromographic Eye Pencil 'nc15/nw20'
Had to include a nude toned eyeliner, I'd easily reach for this over a concealer to brighten my eyes in the morning.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara 'Carbon Black'
Amazing mascara. Enough said.

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner 'Master Precise'
It's thin, easy to use and waterproof so it lasts all day.

Maybelline Foundation 'SuperStay'
I love to fake tan and this foundation has a perfect shade to match.

Revlon Foundation 'ColorStay'
My everyday foundation, full coverage and great lasting power.

Australis Powder Foundation 'Fresh & Flawless'
I have quite large pores and this is the only powder I have tried that covers them and lasts through out the day. Honestly think I have repurchased this about 10 times already.

Topshop Cream Blush 'Neon Rose'
Despite being a blush junkie, I found this choice easy. Neon Rose is a bright coral cream blush that instantly brightens my complextion and I think would suit most skintypes.

MAC Lipstick 'Hue'
Honestly struggled trying to choose one lip product haha. Decided on Hue, as it's a wearable lipstick that suits most makeup looks.

What 10 products would you repurchase?



  1. Think I'm going to pick up that 'Too Faced' Palette now you've recommended it! I'v ebeen umming and ahhing over it for absolutely ages - you pushed me over the edge!


  2. Replies
    1. Haha took me a while to compile, probably a bit too much effort :P x

  3. I love your list. All the makeup products are worth replacing and I'm still yet to try any of the NAKED palettes. I'm not a big eyeshadow person and I'll probably never use it which is why I'm hesitating but you've almost sold me :)

    1. Yeah and it's difficult to choose which one aswell haha! x

  4. Liked reading this post! :) Does the Maybelline Foundation 'SuperStay' give the same kind of coverage as the Revlon Foundation 'ColourStay'?

  5. Oh I need to do this tag too! I loved your picks!

  6. i would definitely have the too faced and urban decay palette on my list too :)


  7. you gave me a briliant idea for my next blog;)
    come and visit if you want;) katerina.mp89.blogspot.gr kisses:*

  8. great list, just wondering what the lasting power of the maybelline superstay is like compared to the revlon colorstay:) xox

  9. guys check www.amway.com.au and email the sales man at munashem12@hotmail.com if interested in anything and they have good quality products.

  10. Super lovely blog!



  11. Just purchased a Too Faced palette! Really love it so far!


  12. Hi Caroline,

    I've just discovered your youtube channel and blog and I'm really enjoying both, I really enjoy posts like this because it really makes you think about your must have products, one of mine would definitely be my Maybelline FitMe concealer, it is definitely one of my favourite products of all time, after reading this I looked up Hue lipstick and it looks like a great colour, very good choices!

    Zoe xx