Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters!

I was so excited when I first heard the highly hyped up Revlon Lip Butters had finally arrived in Australia... until I heard about the $21.95 price tag. Hell to the no. I concluded straight away that I would just try and find them on Ebay, until a couple days ago whilst browsing the Vogue Forums I saw that someone mentioned Priceline was having a Buy 1, get 1 Free sale on all Revlon lip products, starting today. Naturally I went there this morning and picked up 4 lovely shades for the price of 2, success!

Cherry Tart: A wearable cool toned red with slight shimmer, love it!

Candy Apple: Warm, glossy red with decent pigmentation. Lovely colour but I'm still undecided on whether I will actually find myself reaching for it.

Peach Parfait: I've heard so many people on youtube call this the 'lip product vesion of NARS Orgasm blush', so I had to try it out! As you can see from the pictures, they look very similar. It has some subtle glitter which I usually steer away from, but I actually don't mind it in this case.

Creme Brulee: Pale, glossy beige/nude shade, reminds me of a less pigmented version of the Australis Mineral Inject Lipstick in Mambo. I'm a sucker for nudes so naturally, I love it.

Sorry for the lack of product pictures/swatches, my lighting just wasn't showing anything true to colour. Luckily these have been around for a while in the US and trusty Google is full of amazing swatches. You may have noticed I stayed clear from any of the popular pink shades, I have so many cool toned pinks in my collection already I couldn't justify buying more.

Have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters?


  1. I currently have Candy Apple and Strawberry Shortcake from my friend who went to America, but thanks for telling me about the sale!! I am going to bolt to priceline tomorrow morning and get Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie :) xx

  2. Must. Buy. xD You've now added to my list of things to do tomorrow, Priceline here I come! :p xx

  3. I just bought 2 for 1 today at Priceline today too :)

  4. ooh thats so good about the sale! I was lucky enough to go to america earlier this year and bought about 6 of them while i was over there haha (at $5 each who can resist!!). they seem so perfect for winter when my lips get dry! my favs are strawberry shortcake and berry smoothie :)

  5. Everyone: I realised I accidently wrote 'buy 2 get 1 free' its actually 'buy 1 get 1 free' (even better lol!).

    Thanks for the comments :) I see everyone is just as keen over these as I am haha x

  6. I bought 3 today too! Did you get the Priceline gift with purchase? I got it and I'm very excited about it!

    Not trying to advertise but you can check out the Priceline bag on my blog at

  7. I didn't buy any cool-toned pinks for a similar reason. Also, you're from Adelaide? Have you heard about ABBM? x

  8. I was so excited when I heard about this offer! Hitting Priceline tomorrow. Raspberry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake here I come!

    Such A Beautiful Sight

  9. Need to take advantage of the BOGOF sale! Peach Parfait definitely reminded me of the NARS blush, but in lipstick form. Not sure if glitter on the lips is necessarily a good thing though. I really want to pick up Candy Apple, though I agree with you about whether or not it's a colour that one would normally reach for, even if it is nice. I think I prefer Cherry Tart :)

  10. I won cotton candy, berry smoothie and peach parfait in a twitter competition a few weeks ago but I think I am going to have to take advantage of the offer and get cherry tart and one other.