Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project X Pan

A Project X Pan is where you put yourself on a buying ban until you finish up a bunch products that are almost done in your collection. I've tried and failed this before, spending bans just aren't for me, but I am keen to try and finish up products and lighten my makeup collection! Will update you guys with my progress next month.

Rimmel 'Scandal Eyes' Mascara: Not really a fan of this mascara but I want to get my moneys worth so I'm just trying to make it work and finish it up as soon as possible.

Juicy Couture 'Couture Coture' Perfume: Adore this fragrance! There's a only a tiny bit left though and I have so many tube perfumes so I'm hoping to finish it up and get some use of the others.

Britney Spears 'Curious' Perfume: I only have a bit of this remaining and I've told myself I'm not allowed to open any of my new (full sized) perfumes until I finish this one. My perfume stand is getting to clattered haha!

Maybelline 'SuperStay' Foundation: This was my go-to foundation shade (Sand Beige) with my fake tan until I found that another shade was a better match (Classic Beige). I'm curently mixing the two so I can finish up this bottle.

Australis Primer: I don't actually like this primer too much as I find it doesn't glide on my skin as smoothly as my other silicon based primers, but of course I want to try and finish it up to get my moneys worth.

Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder: Was so close to finishing this powder until it decided to crumble. Being the cheap person I am, I am continuing to use it carefully to finish it properly haha.

Have you ever tried a Project X Pan and succeeded?


  1. I'm currently doing a P20P but mine is a little different. I just want to finish up any 20 products. I haven't specified like you have but there are certain things I just want to get rid of! I've been posting about mine on my blog! Good luck with yours, I can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Thanks! Good luck with yours too :) x

  3. good luck Caroline! i tried to do this before and failed. lol. but i probably should give it another go, you get me so inspired to give project pan another chance! lol good luck again! x

  4. I'm glad I could inspire you to give it another go, it's so hard to stick to it haha! Thanks xx

  5. Where did you manage to find 'Couture Couture' in a tube? I've been desperately wanting to buy this fragrence for a while now (I currently have a roller ball version I bought in the US) but it's just too damn expensive to buy the 100ml here in Aus. And it never seems to go on sale!

    Such A Beautiful Sight

  6. I think I may just give Project X Pan a go. I definitely need to start using products up and reducing how much I have sitting around!