Monday, March 5, 2012

Face of Australia Lip Quench - Lychee Crush

Face Of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ Lipstick - 'Lychee Crush'

It seems everyone and their mother (in the Aussie beauty blogging world) is currently obsessing over this Face Of Australia lipstick in 'Lychee Crush'. Being the major makeup junkie I am, I knew I had to try this one out. I've only had it one day and I can already tell it will be a staple in my collection.

This moisturising lipstick contains SPF30+ and a combination of shea butter and jojoba oil and is a perfect wearable nude lip colour. At first application it actually looked quite streaky and stuck to all the dry areas on my lips. I was so disappointed and thought it would be another Gosh 'Darling', but after lightly exfoliating and applying lip balm I tried again and was pleased to see a lovely creamy application.

I went through my MAC lipstick collection and found that the closest dupe is Hue. They are both that flattering nude but not too pink/orange/brown tone, with a buildable coverage and glaze finish.

For $9.95 AUD (I also managed to get it 20% off) this lipstick is amazing quality at an affordable price!


  1. I also have this lipstick, and it is such a gorgeous colour! I also love the formulation :). Love how you used it here :)

  2. It really is so gorgeous! Thank you :) xx

  3. It looks similar to MAC's 'Shy girl' lipstick, but this looks like a much better formulation! can I ask where you purchased it? (student on the hunt for sales haha)

  4. This color looks gorgeous on you. Great blog by the way.
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  5. Anonymous: I bought mine from Priceline :)

    Thanks Simera!


  6. Bought this lipstick a while ago and I do love the colour, though as you mention it can accentuate the dry areas of your lips. Looks lovely on you, a subtle pinkish nude perfect for everyday wear.

  7. A little late on the commenting I know, but gosh it looks good on you!
    I love this liptick too!

  8. I will need to pick this up, thanks for the heads up! I love your blog, i just subscribed!

  9. I bought this today. LOVE the colour. Hate the smell! It has that really chalky chemical smell and is making me feel sick. I don't think I can bare it, even for the beautiful colour and consistency it is! It's making me feel too sick

  10. It seems like a very wearable lipstick! Just came from your best of aussie makeup youtube video :) I'm really loving face of australia. You should check out their nail polishes as well.
    - Court