Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: Models Prefer

Models Prefer is an Australian brand that has been around for years now. Last year the brand had a complete revamp with new products and display in Priceline. I thought I would review a few of the prodcuts I own.

'Desk To Date' Blush $9.99 - A gorgeous shimmery deep coral and extremely pigmented, I would recommend a light hand on this blush as too much can leave you looking quite clownish.

'Work It' Mineral Eyeshadow Duo $12.99 - A shimmer champagne and olive green, these shadows look gorgeous in the pan. Unfortunately they lack colour pay off and tend to crease on my lid by midday even with a primer underneath. I also find the green looks quite dull on the eyes, very dissapointing!

Matte Liquid Foundation $14.99 Unfortunately I wasn't too impressed with this product either. Although it was quite mattifying, I found that the foundation was hard to blend and 'sat on the skin'.
(Side Note- I've heard some good reviews on this foundation so just because it didn't work for my skin type doesn't mean it won't work for others)

Precision Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush MP03 $12.99 - Love this brush and would highly recommend it! The eyeshadow side picks up and places eyeshadow so easily and the eyeliner side is the perfect shape to apply gel eyeliner.

Mineral Powder Brush MP03 $16.99 - Not really sure why I bought this brush, considering I don't use mineral powder... but I was curious to try it with my pressed powder, unfortunately I didn't like the application.

Overall Thoughts - The blushes are decent quality but probably not something I would repurchase. Even though the colour I have is nice, I find myself reaching for other coral blushers in my collection. I'd highly recommend the double sided brush but I think the rest of the products are a miss.


  1. I haven't tried, nor am I too fussed with trying many of the makeup products themselves, but the brushes are pretty good quality for the price, and are easily accessible to many people. Thats the on thing I do like about the brand :)

  2. Yeah I agree! The makeup is nothing special, but the brushes are great :)