Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Australis Paprazzi Perfect Eyeshadow

Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Eyeshadow
"Snap Attack"

Colour: 'Snap Attack' has 5 gorgeous pearly neutral eyeshadows. Starting on the left is a lovely champagne colour that reminds me a bit of MAC All That Glitters and Urban Decay Sin. As you can see this is my favourite and most used colour as I have hit pan significantly. It's a perfect all over the lid colour which looks great on its own or paired with one of the darker colours in the crease. The top shadow is another favourite of mine, a gorgeous warm taupe which actually looks quite bronzish on my skin tone. On the right is a light sandy gold, a nice inner corner or brow bone highlight. Personally I don't use this shadow too much as I don't find it compliments the other colours in the palette. The shadow on the bottom is a nice deeper taupe, I don't find myself reaching for this colour too often. Lastly is the warm champagne orange shade in the middle. This shadow is a beautiful and unique colour that I love to blend into my crease to make any look warmer.

Pigmentation: The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and apply and blend smoothly.

Longivity: I find these eyeshadows have a decent lasting power. Paired with a primer and depending on how hot the weater is, these generally last through the whole work/school day for me.

The palette is a sleek, black packaging with a decent size mirror. They are quite sturdy but be careful, this is my second palette as I dropped my first on tiles and the eyeshadows crumbled! (my bad haha)

Price: $15.95 AUD - a reasonable price for a 'drugstore' eyeshadow palette (Well in Australia that is... haha). I also managed to pick mine up when Priceline had 20% off Australis.

Selection: This palette comes in a selection of colours, check out the Australis site for pictures/descriptions of each.

Paprazzi Perfect: Australis says "Eyeshadows are formulated with light reflecting photocromatic pigments" - I actually agree and love the way these shadows photograph, they have a gorgeous pearly finish that brightens the eyes.

Overall Thoughts: I love these eyeshadows and will definitely be re-purchasing when I run out. They apply and blend smoothly, leaving a gorgeous pearly finish. The only thing I would personally change is removing the colours I don't use and making my favourites bigger... but isn't that always the case with eyeshadow palettes :P

For more information check out the Australis Cosmetics website.

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  1. HI Caroline, I've been following your videos on YouTube for awhile now I just thought of clicking through to your blog!
    I purchased this when the Paparazzi Perfect collection first launched, used it a couple of times and forgot about it. Then I saw you mention it in a video on YouTube and I dug it out and realised how amazing it is! Thankyou for reminding me about it!
    Kimberley xx