Monday, September 5, 2011

Angel Wings

I bought this ring a couple weeks back from Lovisa and having been wearing it nearly everyday since! I'm a sucker for rings - always the first thing I look at in jewellery stores. I've learnt to avoid stores like Diva, Lovisa and Equip because 99% of the time I will walk out with atleast one ring purchase. I'm happy that I was drawn in by the sale signs this time though, this ring is my new love hah.


  1. I LOVE THAT RING! gotta love lovisa too. i do like their rings and jewellery over diva.

    ps. i love your videos! :) and you're aussie too. fly over for IMATS next weekend!

  2. Hi there! Great blog, i am your new follower!
    Its great reading fellow Aussie blogs :)
    xox Emma.

  3. Just wanna say that your Forever New and Rubi Shoes haul on Youtube was probably the first haul video that I actually finished watching. I didn't even skip parts! Great job on your videos because I didn't get bored watching them =)
    Love that bag with the bow from Forever New, btw.