Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lip Conditoner Reviews: M.A.C - Loreal - Australis - Topshop - Sleek - Inglot - Sportsgirl

Battle of the lip conditioners! I recently uploaded a video comparing all my lip condtioners, gels, jellies, paints and whatever else you want to call them. Since the video is quite long (was originally 30 minutes LOL, edited it down to under 10) I thought it would be best to upload the pictures here.

M.A.C Tinted Lip Conditioner in "Petting Pink"
$28 AUD (15 ml)

Loreal Hip Jelly Balms in "Plush", "Luscious" & "Savory"
$9.99 USD (4.5 g)

Australis Lip Butter in "Tall Poppy"

Sleek Pout Polish in "Scandal"
Under £4 or $6.50 USD online (10 g)

Topshop Polish in "Cherry Picker", "Cracker" & "Chiffon"
£14 or £6 each (3.5 g)

Inglot AMC Lip Paint in "59"
$20 AUD

Sportsgirl Lip Jam in "Peach"
$5.95 (16 g)


  1. LOVE it!!!! I think I'll go with the PINK :) You need more reds in your collection so you can get used to bright colors.

  2. Thanks for the review! :)
    Do you happen to know if all the Topshop lip balm have a mirror in the lid?

  3. I just watched a video from your youtube a/c and you said you're from SA. ME TOO! This has made me super excited! I love your vids and hope to start doing my own soon..... when I get a tripod.... Hope you're having a great week! :) xoxox