Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haul: I love Target

People can diss Target as much as they like, I know I will always remain faithful :P I can't say the clothes/accessories are super cheap but compared to some other fashion stores, you can find some quite affordable pieces. For example, my cute new clutch!

Firstly, it's much cuter in person... and for only $15 AUD it's even better looking! It reminds of something I could find in Forever New, my favourite store to shop at (window shop that is...), but ofcourse there it could cost anywhere from $30-80 :(

Next I got a brush belt! I'm in no way even close to a professional makeup artist, but hey, atleast now I can feel like one haha.

I wasn't originally planning on buying it, but then I saw the little sale tag... $34.95 down to $20-$25 (can't remember and lost reciept) and I had to get it :D

So yeah, cheers Target <3

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